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How To Hedge Against Short-Term Squatters

Dealing with evictions is one of the biggest issues that concern
landlords. The laws in France governing landlord/tenant relations are
very strong. Because many of our readers buy an apartment in Paris to
rent out short-term–basically vacation rentals, rented for anywhere
from one week to one month–the focus here is on that type of tenant.

Landlord/tenant laws in France mostly favor tenants. It can take up to
two years to successfully evict a squatting tenant. During the months
of November, December, January and February it is illegal to put a
tenant out (justification being protection of the person during the
winter). While incidents of short-term tenants refusing to leave an
apartment are virtually non-existent, as a landlord you want to be
prepared and protect yourself against that possibility. There are
several things you can do.

Ask a lot of questions before accepting a renter. Inquire about their
plans; will they be on vacation, going to school, relocating, etc.
Determine as much as possible that their plans are short-term and that
they will be leaving. One reader said she’s been "grilled" with these
kinds of questions when she’s rented here. It was done nicely, but it
was obvious they wanted to make sure she was not going to overstay her

All rentals should be done by contract. The contract should explicitly
state the dates for arrival and departure. On arrival, ask to see their
return tickets to verify their departure. Note that information on the

Many landlords prefer to only rent to non-Europeans. This hedges
against renting to people familiar with the laws and against someone
who might want to–and be able to–settle in here more easily than a
foreigner could.

Students or visiting scholars can be good tenant candidates. One
landlord recently told me he rents his studio through an American
university. His apartment is listed on their housing website. The
university does not give out final grades to the students unless
they’ve paid all their rent and have been cleared by the landlord.

Working through a rental management company can also aid in protecting
against bad tenants. They know the laws and have the experience to deal
with screening prospective tenants. Interview a few different companies
and ask them how they will protect your interests.

There are also management companies who deal solely with corporate
clients, another type of tenant that is unlikely to become a problem.
Bridge Street Corporate Housing Worldwide, an international company, is
one example. They represent French and foreign landlords in Paris. Most
of their leases are signed by the companies themselves, thereby taking
responsibility for the tenant and alleviating eviction concerns.

As a short-term rental landlord, it is highly unlikely you would ever
be confronted with an eviction problem. You can increase that
unlikelihood by carefully choosing who you rent to and using the
suggestions above to help you in that goal.

And, as a last resort, as one local rental manager said "If one of my
clients ever did this in one of my apartments, I would simply throw
them on the street with their bags and let them try to sue me here."

A bientôt,

Schuyler Hoffman
Editor, Paris Property Insider
Email: mailto:[email protected]

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Many people don’t have the time nor the resources to look for their own
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foreign country.

Our office offers you assistance to do the things you can’t do unless
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Living in France for several years, we have accumulated valuable
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