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Save 100 on Your First Step to Changing Your Life…Yourself

I made a special deal with the coaches at PSI for just you Parler Paris readers that is going to save you 100€, but the benefits to you are far greater than that. Let me explain.

“PSI” stands for the “Paris Summer Institute.” That didn’t mean much to me and likely doesn’t to you, but ever hear of “NLP?”

Yeah, I know there are lots of letters of the alphabet flying around here that don’t seem to have much meaning, but regardless of what they stand for, the bottom line is what you learn from them.

“NLP” stands for “Neuro-Linguistic Programming.” calls it “an interpersonal communication model and an alternative approach to psychotherapy.”

More garble, no? But in the 1970s, creators Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder based their theories on the “subjective study of language, communication and personal change, in particular, through modeling three successful psychotherapists, Fritz Perls (gestalt therapy), Virginia Satir (family systems therapy), and eventually Milton H. Erickson (clinical hypnosis).”

Okay, so perhaps you’re still a bit lost here. Don’t worry, so was I, until I truly discovered the power of it. NLP is really a set of techniques and strategies that enhance communication and personal influence…that’s what I call ‘POWER.’

So, here’s your opportunity to change your own life for the better, while saving a big 100€ thanks to my ‘personal influence’ over the organizers and instructors of NLP Training at the Paris Summer Institute!

This summer, Kristin Shannon, Edward Hines, Antonio Meza and Caspar Schjelbred, coaches of the The Paris Summer Institute, are offering a 9-dy NLP Plus Certification from July 5th through 13th right here in Paris.

When you take the 9-day course with these fine instructors, not only will you reap the benefits of NLP yourself, but you will also achieve certification as a Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer.

Kristin ShannonAntonio MezaEdward HinesKristin Shannon, Antonio Meza, Edward Hines

Each of these traditionally takes 20 days, but you will achieve the same value in 9 days because you will be working in an intensive fashion. The information has been very carefully selected and structured, using newer ideas/methods that save time (and therefore money!).

In 9 days you will learn…

* How to discover and use new states of mind
* How to make your best decisions
* How to ‘bend’ time so it serves you
* How to ‘make friends’ with your immune system
* How to be comfortable and clear with yourself and others
* How to change and refine your professionals goals
* How to predict and accurately decode responses

Here’s where you’re going to find out what other people really mean…how to reach them, whether they are friends, lovers, family, clients or workmates. Is there someone in your life who is tough to talk with? Do you ever get mixed signals? And in your communication with yourself, is it ever a challenge to make decisions or be motivated to stick to decisions? Do you like to discover and use new states of mind? Or learn how to present yourself in new ways?

Okay, that should help give you a better idea of what we mean by ‘power,’ but don’t believe ME. Here’s what others who have taken the training say about it…

“This was a great breakthrough for me – connecting up these little, daily choices, apparently insignificant, to what is actually quite a deep pattern. It will, I feel, bring about quite big changes for the better.”

“It seems NLP behavior sticks
really easily in one’s head. NLP truly has changed my life to an amazing extent.”

“I was able to use my NLP in an extreme family situation, which brought people together and turned out well after forty years of separation.”

The Paris Summer Institute meets the requirements of international NLP Certification standards. You will engage with dynamic multi-cultural colleagues to help you develop both personally and professionally at the same time. The PSI accelerated training immersion program really works.

For those who already know NLP, the focus will be on applied skills. For those new to these powerful communications tools, you will be able to travel anywhere, and make new connections.

This summer you have the choice. Here’s your opportunity to learn…

* Coaching (invite elegant transformations)
* Business skills (presentations, marketing, team management)
* Creativity (how to get un-stuck and flow)
* Wellness and Thriving (make friends with your immune system)
* Developing Genius (stop backing away from your best)
* Spirit (meditation & breath)

You will also learn the arts and skills of Cross-Cultural Communications and the basics for ‘Modeling.’ NLP graduates will interview a new person and respectfully ‘model’ their values and key cultural filters within just 7 minutes.

You will benefit from personal attention. The NLP experienced multilingual teachers include NGO and business consultants, experts in body language and movement, and the Artistic Director for the best comedy improv in Paris. (Yes, it’s fun!)

So, join us July 5th through 13th. If you want to develop your NLP skills to a professional level, or augment your ability to create change elegantly, then this training is definitely for you! And just think, you’ll celebrate your graduation from PSI on Bastille Day in Paris!

Remember, if you sign up now and say “Parler Paris sent me,” you’ll save 100€ off the normal price of 1750€ for the full 9-day training session! (Be sure to do that, or you’ll pay full price!)

This is the first step to changing your life…yourself.

Contact Edward Hines today: [email protected]or call +33(0)6 80 28 86 39. And for more information, visit

Adrian LeedsA la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

P.S. I almost forgot to tell one of the most important deals I made with PSI on your behalf!…If after one session of the PSI 9-Day Training you are not completely satisfied and wish to cancel, you will be fully refunded less a small cancellation fee of 50€!!

So, what do you have to lose? Virtually nothing and all to gain! The training course is limited to a mere 40 students, so sign up now before it’s too late!…

Contact Edward Hines today: [email protected]or call +33(0)6 80 28 86 39.


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