Schuyler Hoffman

Schuyler Hoffman Customer Service and Administration

Content Management & Nouvellettre Producer

Schuyler (pronounced Sky-ler) Hoffman has worn many hats over the years with the Adrian Leeds Group. Adrian first met Schuyler in 1998 when he began writing the first online Gay Guide to Paris alongside Adrian’s Good Value Paris Restaurant Guide—both now defunct, but the relationship continued and prospered.

The opportunity to work with Adrian Leeds and live in Paris came along in 2002. The time there was spent working for the International Living Paris office (with Adrian as Director) developing services and contacts for foreigners interested in relocating and/or investing in property in France. He began writing and editing the first iteration of the French Property Insider Nouvellettre®. 

After a year in Paris, Schuyler moved back to the U.S., but continued to work with Adrian long distance. When Adrian left International Living in 2004 to open her own firm, he continued working with her in a variety of ways, including the planning and managing of the Living and Investing in France conferences and workshops in France and the U.S., designed for those interested in relocating and/or investing in property in France.

 Schuyler continues to wear many hats for the Adrian Leeds Group: managing the website content including Parler Paris, Parler Nice, and French Property Insider Nouvellettres®. 

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