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Panoramic view of the terrace on the apartment in Nice Adrian Leeds is purchasing

It’s Insurance, So Why Take the Risk?

The logo/meme for the French climate and resilience law

Working Toward Carbon Neutrality

A white poodle perched on the seawall in Nice

What Kind of Climate Creature are You?

Quaint buildings on a canal in Strasbourg

Purchasing Power Down All Over France

The Promenade de Paillon in Nice, after the extension

Green Fronts and Green Backs

"I love this terrace. I could just sit here all evening." Anna P. at La Belle Terrasse

The One Thing Not to Do is PANIC!

Newly renovated apartment, Le Charles V, in the 4th arrondissement, Paris

Now’s the Time to Buy…the Euro to Dollar is Almost at Parity!

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette From the film "Marie-Antoinette" by Sophia Coppola

Are you Subject to Wealth Tax in France?

Distant view of a typical Parisian apartment building

Paris: Sales Up, Prices Down

A charming French country house with a river rushing by it

How to Minimize or Eliminate French Inheritance Taxes for Your Heirs!

Cover photo for the French Notaire's Annual report

News from the Chambre de Notaires of Paris and France

A roaring fire in an old stone fireplace in a house in France

Hot Topics

The building facade for Le Palais du Soleil

A Jewel with a Sunny Disposition

Windowbox full of geraniums outside the window of a Paris apartment

French Property Tax Hikes Scheduled for 2022

View of the Old Port in Nice

A Poll About the Port & Regulating the Rentals

The Eiffel Tower in Paris against blue skies and clouds

Paris No Longer on Top, But That’s a Good Thing!

View of rooftops across Paris with a church in the background

Paris Property Market Normalizing with Post-Pandemic Normalcy

A charming village house in a small French town

The Dream vs the Reality

A sunset, cloudy sky over Place de la Comedie in Montpellier, France

Rediscovering Montpellier

The building facade of Adrian Leeds apartment in Nice showing her single balcony

The Never-Ending Niçois Property Saga

The sun rising over an outcropping of rocks...our planet

Preserving Our Planet

People sitting in the chaises bleu along the beach in Nice, France

An End of the Year Lull…

View pf the famous Tête Carrée in Nice

Open Minded in Nice

A family gathered for a family photo at a large table spread for lunch

Receive and Ye Shall Pay…Hopefully Not!

View from the Balcony of the Fractional property Les Balcons Saint-Paul

Blown Away by the Beauty: Les Balcons Saint-Paul

Arieal view of buildings in Paris France

Looking Forward to 2022

Person on the beach holding a small crystal ball in their fingers looking at the sky and water

My Crystal Ball

Photo of sharing hands

Tis the Season…Give the Gift of…Money!

Meme for the Adrian Leeds Group renovation and decoration services showing an apartment designed by interior designer Martine di Mattéo

Create One Story, One Design Combining Aestheticism and Functionality

Stuning photo of the Seine at sunset with the lights from a boat and a building reflecting on the water

Paris Prices Stagnant, Suburbs Gaining Ground

Photo of a group of people sitting at a table spread with Thanksgiving dinner

A Thanksgiving Special…

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