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Why France?

At the International Living Annual Retreat this past weekend in
Waterford, Ireland with the publishers, editors, marketers and Web
developers that make up the International Living team (about 20) along
with the office directors that are stationed in Panama City, Ajijic
(Mexico) and Granada (Nicaragua), I, like the others, presented the
case for our country. Why Panama? Why Mexio? Why Nicaragua? Why
France? That was the theme — why someone would want to move to France
vs. any other destination in the world. At the upcoming (early
November) bi-annual Live Overseas Conference in Newport Beach,
California, we will all be making these same presentations to the
participants who are seeking a new and different lifestyle…somewhere

It was fascinating to listen to the others’ presentations — to learn
about their beautiful beaches, their inexpensive properties and their
laissez-faire lifestyles for those who have worked hard and are ready
to kick-back and relax. They offered tax advantages, low costs of
living, warm weather and beautiful large and luxurious homes.

Then, I thought about how France compares to that, especially Paris,
whose only beach is Paris Plage four weeks out of the year and whose
warm weather turned into an inferno this past summer and whose
luxurious homes could be an 18th-century 55-square-meter 3rd floor
walk-up in the 5th (like our new elegant IL apartment on rue de la
Huchette). ‘Course other parts of France offer some of the same
amenities…the beaches of the Côte d’Azur, the warm weather of
Provence, the sprawling country homes of Languedoc-Roussillon. Still,
there are no tax advantages, properties aren’t as inexpensive
(comparatively speaking) and while you can likely relax in the
countryside of Bourgogne, you may be battling French bureacracy to get
your carte de séjour or approval to make a change to your historically
protected property.

So, why France? I have asked this of myself multitudes of times. I
have asked this of my friends and of our readers. The definitive
answer: QUALITY OF LIFE. I simply can’t think of another place on the
face of the planet, including New York City, Los Angeles, London, Hong
Kong or Tokyo, where one can have such a rich quality of life. And you
could easily argue that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and
“to each his own” and to all the other clichés to present an argument
against this statement. But in a place where…esthetic beauty is
foremost in the minds of its citizens (so buildings, by law, must be
cleaned or refurbised every ten years)…where wine, cheese and
culinary craft is art (there is even an annual fair to celebrate the
art of chocolate)…where education yields a literacy rate of 99%
because education is free to everyone (all the way through
university)…where art and culture is for the masses (exemplified by
the devotion of the city’s administrators to achieve this with events
such as Paris Plage and La Nuit Blanche)…and where you can still get
a doctor’s house call for about $35 (that you’ll be reimbursed for by
the government)…it’s tough to argue with.

I’d quickly give up that 3000 square-foot house with the walk-in
closets …and that gas-guzzling SUV with 20 cup holders…and that
one-quart “grande” Starbucks coffee…for my little 17th-century
pied-à-terre in Paris up 70 steps with no clothes dryer, a Carte-
Orange to use on the Métro and buses any time I like and that little
strong espresso that tastes like the nectar of the Gods.

In fact, I did, and never regretted one moment nor am I jealous of
anyone who hasn’t yet.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris
E-mail: [email protected]

P.S. Life in France isn’t for everyone. And I wouldn’t suggest that it
is, but if you agree with some of my view points on life and would
like to find out how to give up “quantity” for “quality”
of life, we’re going to be discussing this in great detail at our
third Working and Living in France Conference in Paris this October 24
– 27. Perhaps you’d like to join us and learn how to make the move for
yourself. Click here for more information

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